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Towel Kleen, 108, gallon

Choose your cleaners based on the soil you are trying to remove.  Household detergents go after earth dirt and body oils.  Your automotive care fabrics seldom smell of BO and the earth dirt should have come off with your paint shampoo products.  You need Towel Kleen for detailing fabrics.

What 3D says:

  • Affordable detergent for dirty car wash towels

    ·         Powerful car wash towel detergent

    ·         Tough on releasing oil stains and grease

    ·         Low foam washing machine detergent

    ·         Excellent rinsing


    3D Towel Kleen™ is a lemon scented, powerful, “low foam” laundry machine soap specifically designed to tackle the unique tasks of cleaning towels used in an auto detailing environment.  Unlike powdered soaps, this liquid detergent flushes completely from your fabrics and will not retain residue within the towel’s fibers.  This will ultimately eliminate streaking on windows, paintwork or anywhere else a bare surface is desired and will also extend the towel’s life while maintaining its plushness. 100% safe and formulated to be used with all Micro Fiber, Cotton and even Foam & Wool.


    Ever wonder why your home-based laundry detergent isn’t returning your towels to pre-use condition?  That’s mostly because these products aren’t designed to tackle the abuse that a car towel goes through.  Towels used in a detail related environment are constantly being soiled by dirt as well as tough oil based remnants.  Several different kinds of soiling and chemicals can be extracted off and deposited into your towels during the cleaning, drying and sealing stages which can make traditional laundry detergents almost useless.  You need a powerful detergent like 3D Towel Kleen to break down and lift away all these troublesome remnants.  If not, they can reap havoc on windows, paint, chrome, interior trim and anywhere else a clean and clear surface is vitally important.


    Since detailers use towels for cleaning engines, wiping windows, drying of cars after washing and other uses you never know what kind of oil and grime is trapped in the towel fibers.  If you happen to use a standard detergent, you are risking not getting rid of the oil and particles from the towels.  In that case, your towels that were washed with the wrong detergent (especially dry detergents) may still have trapped oil residue or other abrasive particulates that can cause streaking and/or micro-scratching to your paint.  Due to Towel Kleen’s powerful cleaning, rinsing and conditioning ability, these risks are mitigated greatly. 


    Towel Kleen can be used in all automotive cleaning environments including detail shops, car washes, dealerships, body shops or even by enthusiast detailers looking for the ultimate solution for clean towels.  Works great in conventional front and top loading residential as well as commercial washing machines.  After using this liquid detergent, you will notice your towels remaining soft and fluffy while lasting longer than ever before.  You’ll even be amazed at the transformation it can do on your older worn towels.

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