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Upholstery and Carpet Shampoo, 204, gallon

Seats, carpets, headliners, door panels, etc. ... you name it, if it's made of fabric and inside the car you can clean it with this product.  Dilutable by 1:16 parts water making up to 16 gallons of working solution per gallon of conc.!

What 3D says:

Upholstery and carpet Shampoo is a high foaming carpet shampoo that cleans and deodorizes carpet and upholstery. Contains optical brightener to bring out the original beauty while leaving no residue. Lemon scented. When extractors are not available it is an excellent alternative product for hand application.


Vacuum carpet thoroughly.  Dilute product 1:16 parts water.  Place a proper amount of carpet shampoo in a handy container.  Add water with a strong stream to produce suds.  Scrub carpet with the diluted shampoo and use a brush to help attract and suspend dirt particles.  Towel dry or use a wet / dry vacuum to remove excess water.  If carpet is heavily soiled, use Orange Degreaser first as a pre-spotter. Follow the same steps above to clean upholstery.

Also available in 5 gallons

Item #513

OEM: 3D Professional Detailing Products

$19.95 USD