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Wash, Citrus Blast Wash & Wax by Meguiars, D11301, Gallon

Wash/Shampoo Concentrate.  This Detailer line product uses Citrus Oils which make bug remains easy to clean up.  It is also touted by my customers as a rgeat choice for foamers IF you do not intend to "Mitt" after foaming.

Dilute 1oz to each gallon.  This gallon will provide you with 128 working gallons of shampoo.  Meguiars reminds us that the recommended dilution will allow the shampoo to work with optimal properties.  Other shampoos are available but this one is unique in that it uses Citrus oils AND smells grerat!

The Doctor recommends that you use a Microfiber Wash Mitt with this product as well as a Microfiber drying towel

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What Meguiars says:

Citrus Blast scent & high lubricity cleaners are sure to make this a new favorite bucket wash among pros and enthusiasts

Specially formulated to clean all of your vehicles’ exterior surfaces using less time and water

Premium high-gloss carnauba wax protection offers noticeable pop and gloss

Unique formula allows foam to quickly break and saves precious water during rinse step

Item #710

OEM: Meguiars

$28.95 USD