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Wash, Hypersuds by Nanoskin, Gallon

Wash/Shampoo & Wax Concentrate.  You may notice, below, that Hypersuds dilutes at a different ratio than most other shampoos.  That's because it's 5 times more concentrated than the others so you can use 80% LESS per gallon or about 1 oz per 5 gallons. This is a "Wash & Wax" so it leaves extra gloss behind on a clean car.

Dilute 0.02oz to each gallon.  This gallon will provide you with up to 800 working gallons of shampoo, which is alot, so Hyperwash is usually used in foamers.  The recommended dilution will allow the shampoo to work with optimal properties.

The Doctor recommends that you use a Microfiber Wash Mitt with this product as well as a Microfiber drying towel


What Nanoskin says:

Dilution:    800:1

HYPER SUDS is a hyper-concentrated shampoo that has the unbelievable dilution ratio of 800:1. You can make 100 ready-to-use gallons of wash water from a 16 Oz. size product.

HYPER SUDS is a biodegradable formula. It safely lifts dirt and grime without affecting the washed surface or the environment.


Item #716

OEM: Nanoskin

$49.95 USD