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Wash N Wax, 201, gallon

Do you want more than just a shampoo.  Wash N Wax will leave a protective layer behind when the day is done.  Dilute 1oz per gallon for best results.  1 gallon make 128 working gallons and a 5 gallon kit makes 5x that or 640 working gallons.  Recommenced for hand wash use.

What 3D says:

  • Wash and wax with the effort of just a wash
  • High concentrated liquid cleaning soap
  • Great for hard to reach areas (Planes, trucks, RV's)
  • pH Balanced
  • Rinses off easily thus conserving water
  • An easy and effortless wax application for hard to reach areas.

  • Use on aircrafts, RV’s, trucks, or a fleet.

  • Wash N Wax™ is a rich, highly concentrated, thick, liquid cleaning soap with wax. It produces a dense, stable foam that washes and waxes in one easy step. Excellent to maintain waxed vehicles while protecting the vehicle finish. This pH balanced soap is also excellent for hand wash applications. Rinses off easily to conserve water and reduce towel drying time. Leaves vehicle with a glossy finish.

     Effectively Clean Your Car With Wash N Wax

     As often as possible, you want to keep your vehicles clean. And when it comes to your car cleaning soap and shampoo, what products do you go for?  The common mistake among car owners is using ordinary products like dish washing liquids to wash their cars. Usually, they rely on anything that creates bubbles, without understanding that such products can cause damage to a car's exterior. For your car, what you need is Wash N Wax. You've must have seen bottles of this cleaning soap in car washes where they are commonly used. This product is effective in keeping your car's shine intact as well as getting rid of all the dirt that sticks to it.

    Wash and Wax has water soluble waxes which conditions your car as well as giving it a squeaky clean finish. If you don’t have time to wax it using a carnauba wax, this is a quick alternative. For mobile detailers and other detail shops where time is essential this is a cheap washing and waxing method in one step.

    Compared to other cleaning materials, this car soap is a lot stronger. It is pH balanced and creates more foam compared to others and yet is still gentle to the hands. This is needed, since simple application of regular soap and water will not be enough to give your car a brilliant shine and still clean your car.

    It is also important to know how much you need when applying the Wash N Wax. For every gallon of water, one or two ounces of this car soap will be enough. Mix it well then apply it thoroughly to the exterior of the car using a clean wash mitt. After applying, rinse it off immediately then dry it up with a microfiber drying towel. You'll notice that your car will be a lot shinier plus it will prolong that look.

    3D Products offer you the best prices in car cleaning soap via our top seller Wash N Wax.


    Dilute 1 oz per gallon of water in a bucket and spray pressurized water to create a rich foam.  Use a Wash Mitt to wash the car.  Rinse off and dry with a soft cloth, microfiber towel.  This product is best recommenced for hand wash use.

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