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Waterless Car Wash, gallon

What?  You've never heard of a "Waterless" car shampoo?  You're in for a treat!  3D claims to have invented this product 20 years ago, when nobody cared as much about the evironment like they do today.  Take 4 oz to 6 oz of this product to wash your car and the Federal Clean Water Act will Thank You in the morning.  Seriously, do not add water! 

If you've ever used a "Spray Detailer" before then you know that you can clean your car without water.  That's OK for a lightly soiled car but what about somethng that's really dirty?  Waterless washes are like Detailers on Steriods.  They have more of everything that makes a Detailer work.  More Encapsulators ... More Lubricant ... More Solublizers.  If fact this one will leave your car not only spotlessly clean but shiny and protected too because it leaves Carnauba and polymers behind.  What more can you ask for and legal to use in water restricted neighborhoods too!

What 3D says:

  • WATERLESS CAR WASH is our newest revolutionary soap less wash that works great on any paint surface.  Waterless Car Wash Cleans, Polishes & Protects without using water and helps to keep your car clean and protected from airborne contaminants.  This product can also be use on Chrome, Glass, Dashboards and door panels. Just Spray-on, Rub-in and Wipe-off.




    Veritas Certifiedwaterless car wash


    Unlike other places that make false claims about their Waterless Carwash product, our claims have been verified by Bureau Veritas.


    The Best Waterless Carwash -- 3D Products’ Professional Car Detailing

    3D was the original inventor of the Waterless car wash 20 years ago. As a matter of fact 3D is the manufacturer behind many other waterless car wash brands out there. So why settle with anyone when you can buy the best waterless carwash on the internet and available in the market?

    When it comes to washing cars, water has always been an indispensable element to do the job. However, using water proved to be wasteful, inefficient, and insensitive to the environment. That is why 3D Products came up with waterless carwash. Back then no one cared about the environment but 3D always did. Please join others in the effort to save water and reduce our carbon footprint.

    FAQ: How does waterless washing reduce my carbon footprint? For one, you have the convenience of washing your car anywhere you want, rather than driving to and from a carwash. Two, you do not need additional water, or the electrical energy used in washing either at a car wash, hose, or water pump. So now you have the freedom of waterless car washing anywhere you want! Literally anywhere.

    FAQ: How does waterless car wash work? It simply has nano-polymers that cling to the dirt creating a ball bearing effect (tiny capsules that capture the dirt), lifting the dirt from the surface of the car and wiping to a clean finish with a microfiber towel. Then when you use a second, clean, microfiber towel you will buff the surface of the car to bring out an incredible shine. Essentially, a waterless wash and wax. It then protects your car’s exterior from building up dirt and gathering dust faster than traditional methods and other copy cat formulas. So go ahead, touch your car’s smoothness and cleanness.

    FAQ: How much water does waterless car wash save? Each bottle can save hundreds of gallons, you only need 2-4 oz to wash a midsized car. So, one 24 oz bottle can complete 12 washes. If each traditional home wash uses 80-100 gallons that’s between: 960-1,200 gallons of water saved!!! What an Eco Friendly Solution!!!!

    3D Products leads the industry in waterless carwash and has been doing so for years, while there are other brands claiming to be number one, their quality is inferior. This product features original waterless carwash technology that has been formulated to leave no scratch on your car. Dirt and dust make ugly scratches on the car’s surface, and 3D professional detailing products has found a way around this by dissolving and encapsulating dirt and dust and enhancing the brilliance of your vehicle.

    Easy to use, great for charity car washes, church washes, sorority car washes, safe biodegradable green formula.

    3D Products' waterless carwash products use complex mixes of oils, propriety polymer blends  lubricants, and other ingredients that leave your car surface shiny and coated to make it resistant to scratches and dirt free for weeks. These “protectants” also act as a shield for your car, covering it in a layer that makes it harder to penetrate and easier to clean. These products work fast to emulsify soil on all painted and non-painted surfaces, protecting them from grease, dirt, and grime that can build up and affect a cars look.

    When it comes to waterless carwash, rely on the number one product in the market. Choosing 3D Professional Car Detailing Products will make your car look and perform brand new all the time.

  • Spray liberally on the dirty surface.  Select a clean microfiber towel, fold into quarters and, using a serpentine ("S") pattern, wipe the encapsulated soil from the center to the edge of the panel.  Repeat on the adjacent section until the panels is clean.  A second pass may be used as a Detailer.  With a clean microfiber towel, buff any haze to a high brilliance.

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